Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flower Pen Bouquets

One of the crafts that's almost become a signature of mine, are flower pen bouquets.  I've made them for years.  I love these bouquets, because of their utility and the life it brings to a space.  These pens are great for a desk. They bring life and brightness without the work of maintaining them.  It's nice to always have a pen nearby and handy.  And a plus of having flowers attached to your pens is no one will accidentally walk away with one.

I've gifted these to family and friends to brighten their lives as they do to mine.  I gave all my bridesmaids and attendants one as a small part of my thanks to their support.  I even made my sugar flowers from my wedding cake into a flower bouquet, using a vase from the reception and the same blue gems.  Pictured below, it became a fun wedding memento for me.

The fun part is you can cater to whoever you're creating it for.  For instance, when choosing the container I've used clay pots, glass vases, mason jars and other fun bases.  Also, I typically use river rocks or pebbles, but you can do coffee beans or colored gems too.  And finally the flowers, which are fun to pick and choose, are where the real personality comes to life.

fake flowers     pens         container      green floral tape      base filler         scissors
Flower pens from Wedding Cake


*Note: I make sure to choose at least 2 main flower types, a smaller flower and a filler.  Since you don't want the pens too top heavy when you're writing, you'll be able to make a few flower pens out of 1 flower stem.

1) Fill container with small portion of rocks, or whatever filler you chose.  Reserve most to pour in after the flower pens are completed.

2) Begin by cutting the wired stems, make sure to cut at different lengths to give you different flower heights when all assembled.

3) Then wrap the stem to the pen with green floral tape. Make sure to overlap so it's secure.  As you complete a flower pen use the previous ones to gauge the height for the next one so you achieve a true flower bouquet.

4) Arrange the pens to desired look and pour in the rest of the necessary filler into the base to secure.

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