Monday, June 30, 2014

Special Occasion Card Collections

I love giving cards. There's a little thrill when I find the PERFECT card fitting that person and their situation.  I definitely get this "skill" from my mom.  Somehow she always finds a card that says it all.  It takes time to pick out such a card, and sometimes luck.

But besides finding a card that says it all, I love writing in cards.  I'm old fashioned in that I prefer letter and cards to email.  It's just so special, and it's always fun to get fun personal mail instead of the typical bills and junk that fill our mail boxes.  Am I right?  Whenever I write a card, I tend to use all the available blank space and even end up writing on the card back.

I also love getting cards and then keeping them to return to that special feeling and memories the card brings.  Looking back at the comments always makes me smile and serve as a reminder of that important time whether it was birthday, first communion, graduation, wedding events, etc.  I used to keep them in a box, but they'd get jumbled and out of order.  The solution was to organize the cards into collections of special events.  Recently married I had lots of touching, funny, clever and pretty cards I wished to preserve, and this was the perfect opportunity.

All you need is metal clasp rings, large enough to hold the bunch of cards.  The rings I used I found at Walmart.  Use a 3 whole punch to punch 2 holes into the cards and then loop the rings through the cards.  For the cover I chose a card that best represents the occasion, but you could also make a decorative cardboard cover.  Just be careful on choosing a cardboard piece that would allow enough room for cards. 

Try this method instead of haphazardly throwing your cards in a box.  

Make special occasion collections of your cards and preserve the best memories.

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