Friday, June 20, 2014

Sigma Force Series - James Rollins

From newest to oldest in the picture from Left to Right.
James Rollins has quite a few books out, but the best of his books are the ones in the popular Sigma Force series.  Full of adventure, these thrillers will keep the reader enthralled to the end. With a mixture of science fiction that could very well be possible in our future, Sigma sets out to rescue the world from great threats.  A government defense secret agency, Sigma's operatives risk their lives to save all of ours, at least in the storybook world.

It's hard not to be intrigued by the mysteries each plot uncovers and the workings of the covert operations.  Readers remain interested in the series not only for the plots, but the development of the characters that have you rooting for their survival each time they face a dangerous mission.  James Rollins keeps writing them and readers keep buying them. In the Sigma Force series there are 11 books with the newest book, The Sixth Extinction, coming out August 2014.  For summaries on each individual book check out James Rollins site.  My dad, brother and I have all read the series and don't find ourselves stopping anytime soon, well until Rollins stops writing that is.

Other books by James Rollins I've read are listed below.  These books are definitely for those lovers of science fiction.  A little hokey at times, dripping with unrealistic situations and a little frightening if you have an imagination (got a few nightmares from these books).  They're not bad if you want to dip into a fantasy perspective of our world for a bit. 

Altar of Eden        Ice Hunt       Amazonia           Deep Fathom        Excavation         Subterranean

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