Friday, June 27, 2014

Cantebury Park, MN

A perfect way to spend a day or evening is at the racetrack. What's not to love? With the beautiful horses, American grub, and the excitement of placing a bet and maybe hitting it big, Cantebury racetrack is one of my favorite things to do during the summer.

Cantebury Park in Shakopee Minnesota is open May til Labor Day.  The horse races occur Thursdays through Sundays. So whether you want a whole day activity or just a few hours in the evening at the track, you got options. On a beautiful sunny day I love the weekend races! Saturdays are "All Star Saturdays" and Sundays are "Family Days," perfect if you have younger children. But I gotta say those Thursday "Buck Night" evenings are hard to pass up.  Admission and programs are only $1! So are hotdogs, nachos and pop! You can see why my frugal self loves Thursdays!

I've been going to Cantebury with family and friends for quite some years and always enjoy it.  We actually realized it was great for something else, bridal party celebrations.  My husband and I had our respective bachelor/bachelorette parties, but we wanted to offer something that everyone could do together too before the rehearsal dinner the following day, and Cantebury it was.  Recently graduated, cheap entertainment on a Thursday evening was right up our alley.  The fellas even competed in a "race" on the track to celebrate. I was dying of laughter.  Dave didn't win...but I still married him 2 days later. And he got a free t-shirt out of the deal, WIN!

It really is a good idea for bachelorette or bachelor parties if you're trying to think up some options instead of the typical bar/club scene.  Girls can dress up in cute sundresses, even don some fancy hats if they wish and place some bets. And guys will enjoy relaxing, smoking cigars, the cheap beers and betting.

Cantebury is a fun place for family, teens, college students, and adults.  You gotta check it out if you haven't already.  Make it a cheap evening and attend the races on Thursday's dollar night, but whichever day you pick it's not a huge hit on the wallet. It's definitely an experience to observe the horses and jockeys, place your bets, and root for your choices to win! I haven't hit it big yet, but maybe it'll be in the cards, or should I say in the horses. (sorry couldn't resist)

Riding "horses" on the racetrack

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