Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pineapple Floral Arrangement

The ending of event season for me also marks the close of summer. It is a bittersweet time. I love the rush of cranking out corporate events and weddings. But each year, summer seems to disappear quicker than the last.

This summer was the busiest to date. Which is really saying something considering we were at the height of wedding planning last summer. It has been a blast but also crazy exhausting. I have been looking forward to this week because it is the first week since the beginning of May that I have had a night without plans! It was filled with cleaning, cooking and of course, crafting.

I just love putting my hands to work, trying my skills on projects and crafts that have been on the wish list for entirely too long. It is rejuvenating and even therapeutical to put on some music and get creative again. It is something that I have really missed throughout all the running around this summer. One of the first ideas that I tackled off the list is simple and beautiful: A pineapple flower arrangement.

This year, I have had an obsession with fresh flowers. Before this year, like most women, I enjoyed getting flowers every once in awhile. I am not sure what changed but I have wanted a fresh bouquet weekly in our house. As a result, I have also been absolutely crazy about the Farmer's Market. There is one Downtown that I walk to from work on Thursdays. On Saturdays, there is one down the street from our house. And if I haven't been to either of those two, I recently visited the Minneapolis Farmers Market which is open seven days a week in the summer. HELP!

Bouquets are so inexpensive at the Farmer's Market, I have had at least one a week. How can you say no to perfectly fresh flowers for $6?! My latest Farmer's Market bouquet was quite unique so I thought it was perfect for the pineapple arrangement. 

The other positive of this project is that you are not wasting the pineapple at all since you are still able to eat the fruit. With pineapples being so trendy lately, this project would be prefect for a shower, birthday or girls' brunch!!

DIY Pineapple Floral Arrangement

- Pineapple
- Sharp knife
- Spoon
- Container for pineapple
- One bouquet of fresh flowers

1. Start by cutting off the top of the pineapple. Be careful to cut near the top so that your vase is not too short.

2. Take your knife and cut around the inside edges. Again, be careful to not puncture or cut to the outside edge.

3. Use your spoon to scoop out the fruit. I found it easiest to scrape the fruit and juice out in a circular motion. Then, I would use the knife to cut out the core.

4. Once the fruit is scooped out and placed into a container, rise out the inside of the pineapple. Fill with water and make sure there are no leaks or punctures.

5. Cut the flower stems, add them to the pineapple and display!

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