Monday, August 24, 2015

DIY Floral Monogram

This weekend we celebrated our one year anniversary at a family wedding. One of my dearest childhood friends, my cousin Philip, was married to his beautiful bride. It was quite funny considering that the whole family met her for the first time at our wedding. Here we were exactly one year later, celebrating the two of them!!

For their wedding gift, I decided to skip the registry (sorry guys!) and do a project that was a bit more personal. I decided on a floral monogram for their new home. I found an awesome wooden plaque for the background and then set out to look at flowers. Thankfully, my sister came to the craft store with me or I might have been lost in the flower isles for hours. We decided on a romantic and pretty pink and cream theme. We were careful to chose more natural looking flowers. They were a bit more expensive but worth it in the long run. To my delight, the pink roses perfectly matched the bridesmaids dresses!

- Wooden plaque
(Note: You could also use a canvas or empty picture frame)
- Hot glue gun
- Four large stems of silk flowers
(Note: You will need more if your plaque is larger than a foot)
- Pencil

1. Using the pencil, trace the letter or shape that you want onto your wood.
2. Carefully cut all the flowers and leaves off of their stems. Be careful to not cut too close, you do not want your flowers falling apart.
3. Begin gluing the flowers into place. I preferred to have my monogram more full with flowers so I chose to make it more dense.
4. Once finished, let glue dry fully and remove any glue strings. We then added a little note on the back of the wood for the bride and groom.

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