Sunday, July 19, 2015

Math Wedding Table Names

The Head Table
Married to a mathematician I'm quite used to being surrounded by intelligent people that throw around math terms.  With him attending grad school for his PhD this can happen quite often.  Sometimes I'm envious, but most times I'm just impressed.  Heck, they could be talking nonsense and I'd think they're the next Einsteins.  It also means once the conversation starts to get past an algebra II and stats course vernacular I tend to zone out.  It's for my own survival.

Dave is really sweet about trying to include me, but I don't take offense when he needs to talk math. Part of where this math love grew is from his own father, a statistics professor at the college we attended.  So when his dad got married last summer I wasn't surprised to see that his loving wife had thoughtfully included math into their wedding.....more than I was willing to do at ours.

In my defense most people wouldn't have gotten the references, instead we chose to name our tables based on key events, words or things that depicted Dave and I as a couple.  Guess I'll just have to show my support in typical Marie throwing him a Math PhD party in a few years when he receives his degree.  Then I can go crazy with math terms, corny math jokes, pies etc.

When I saw these at the wedding it made me so happy, what a way to personalize their wedding beyond the typical numbered tables.  Plus, when it's a wedding between an actuary and a mathematician, table names geared towards cleverly chosen math terms seemed fitting.  And of course they chose to be different and not use whole numbers! And even if this family isn't "normal" a bell curve served as the perfect head table name.  By the way, how sweet is the use of infinity for a newlywed couple?

So in honor of their 1 year anniversary today, here are their own devised wedding table names.

These lovely photographs were taken by Monika Rae Photography

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