Saturday, January 31, 2015

Daily Deal Websites

I have discovered a few websites lately that I am just giddy about sharing! Of course, I have to preface this by disclosing that none of these sites have offered anything for me to talk about them. I am sharing because I really think they are just that awesome! Check them out and let me know what you think!!

Thred Up

I stumbled on this website after clicking a side ad (who does that?!). I am so glad that I clicked! This website is super cool. It advertises itself as the “largest online consignment store.”

I spent a few weeks looking through the website before I tried buying something. They have great brands and list exactly what kind of condition each piece is in. Once you put something in your cart, you usually get 24 hours before it expires and is available to others again. It was helpful that the brands were familiar since I am pretty certain of my size for well-known stores. For example, I knew that generally, I am a size small at Gap and J. Crew. For the price, it was definitely worth a little risk.

To make it even sweeter, they sent out a 40% off coupon for new customers! I purchased three sweaters, two shirts and two dresses from Gap, Old Navy and J.Crew all for just $52. Plus, I received free shipping since my purchase was over $50. To top it off, the presentation of how everything is shipped and packaged is classy, pretty and clean. Total steal if you ask me!!

Brickyard Buffalo

My lovely cousin Brianna tuned me into this website. She has a great fashion blog and is always wearing affordable and adorable outfits! 

Brickyard Buffalo is similar to a Nomorerack or Groopdealz website (also one of my daily guilty website look-throughs). They have daily deals but unlike others, their volume of deals is fairly small. But I have already purchased a few amazing finds! Check out my BB scarves that I just love.

Scarf: Brickyard Buffalo
Dress: Thred Up (Gap)
Fur-Lined Leggings: Groopdealz
Boots: Target

Darby Smart

I think this company is just brilliant. They specialize in “project” boxes where you pick a project and they send everything you need to complete it. 

In a time where DIY is trendy and oh-so-cool, this makes it very easy to be able to complete some projects with step by step directions. While I definitely suffer from abundant amounts of DIY ideas, even I found some projects that I would love a full box of supplies for. 

They offered $10 off for a new customer’s first purchase. I bought a kit for making soy candles, something that I have been wanting to do for a while. For those of you who find Pinterest projects that you do not have the confidence or supplies to complete, check out Darby Smart!

I had enough supplies for two candles! Easy and made great Christmas gifts.

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