Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Marry Christmas Ornaments

There are times in life when being a sentimental "stuff" person really pays off. I believe this trait comes from mine and Marie's grandma Patricia, who we dearly miss. And I know that this habit may forever drive my own mother nuts (clearly she didn't inherit this trait!). But I save anything that has even the smallest sentimental value. I also have always loved giving gifts, especially around the holiday season. 

This year, I didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on presents so I had to turn to some out of the box thinking. I found some cute Pinterest DIY ornament ideas and thankfully I came up with my own creation since I had saved some key materials! I call them Marry Christmas Ornaments as the main thing you need is past wedding invitations and/or programs.

- Wedding invite and/or program 
Note: You can also use baby or graduation invites!
- Scissors and paper cutter
- Glass or plastic empty ornament (I found a set of four glass project ornaments at Michaels, on sale for $4!)
- Tinsel or any other objects desired for the ornament
- Ribbon to hang the ornament on the Christmas tree

1. Using paper cutter or scissors, cut the wedding invite and/or program strategically so that you can read the key words while looking at the ornament.
2. Using the scissors, carefully curl each strip of paper. Some programs are thinner than others, be cautious to not rip the paper strip.
3. Begin inserting the paper strips into the bulb one by one. Add any tinsel or other stuffing desired. 
4. Fill the ornament and then replace the top. Cut a ribbon at medium length and enjoy!

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