Monday, December 30, 2013

Nail and String State Art

I have seen these DIY canvas and wood projects all over Pinterest and have been wanting to try one for awhile. But since I never frequent the hardware store, it took some time to get a couple packages of small nails. It did, however, give me a great excuse to shop around at the most dangerous store for my wallet (*cough Michaels). This was a fairly quick project and you can customize it in so many ways! 

I went for a smaller surface place and used my college colors for the string (University of Minnesota - Go Gophs!). You can color the background, nails, and string in any way that you want to. And you can even use the nail and the string in any pattern you'd like! I am planning on making a few more of these with some different designs and string patterns. This made a perfect Christmas gift for someone and the wood plaques make interesting, textured wall art.

Minnesota Nail and String Art
Prep Time (Paint): 20 minutes
Nails/String: 75 minutes

- Wood Plaque in desired size
(Found mine at Michael's for $3!)
- Package of small nails
(I grabbed a package at Home Depot for $1.75)
- Acrylic paint in desired color
(Found at Michaels, set of 10 for $5)
- Set of colored string or thread
(Found at Michaels, set of 10 colors for $6)
- Hammer
- Paper print out of desired shape

1. Start by prepping your wood piece. Paint at least one coat of your preferred color. I used two coats of black paint followed by a coat of gloss finish spray for some shine.
2. Taking your desired shape, mine was MN with a heart around Minneapolis, line it up on the dried, painted wood.
3. Begin by outlining the shape with a few nails until the paper is secured and won't slip around.
4. Fill in the rest of the shape with the remaining outline nails.
5. Pull the piece of paper off the canvas so just the nails remain.
6. Begin wrapping string pieces around the nails in the pattern you prefer. I tried to space out the string by wrapping evenly around the center heart nails.

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