Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catching Fire Movie

The Hunger Games saga continues! Those of us who've read the books have been anticipating the release of the second film.  If you already read my post on "The Hunger Games Series" under the Bookshelf tab, you know just how excited I was for the movie.  Good news, Catching Fire didn't disappoint.  I was happy how closely it followed the book, especially since they had so much good material to already choose from.  Yeah, they left some parts out, but I would have rather had the parts they did include, then the ones they didn't. Plus a 2 1/2 hour movie is already long enough.  Not that I didn't soak up every minute of it.

Also, I loved the creativity they put into the setting, the props and the wardrobe.  Part of what makes the Hunger Games series interesting is its realism mixed with the outrageous.  I walked out extremely happy. My husband (who hasn't read the books) greatly enjoyed the first movie and thought the second was entertaining, his only complaints the cheesiness that occurs in all movies.  I got a lot of sideways looks at those points, but me, I like that movie predictability mixed in with the unexpected.  He's also not a fan of the fact that they explain the obvious, even though you inferred as much already.  In the movies defense that's how the books are too, mainly because they are written for a juvenile audience and they may not come to the important conclusion she's trying to make.  Not everyone's a math wiz. Or prone to logic.

Overall though, the action was top notch, the romance made me feel like a school girl, and the tearjerker portions made my eyes tear up (ya I'm a sap).  It finished and I wanted to watch it all over again to absorb even more details!  Guess I'll be adding this to my DVD purchase list.

So check out the movie before it leaves theaters, it's impressive on a big screen.

And in true Hunger Games form, may the odds be ever in your favor.

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