Saturday, June 6, 2015

Memorable Moments Log

School's out for summer! I survived my first year of teaching!

  I had so many great memories this first year of teaching, and it was everything I always thought it would be! I started with high hopes and expectations, and I'm happy to report I met them all!  I've always felt that this was a calling of mine, but started to become doubtful when I couldn't secure a position out in Ohio.  But God answered my prayers, and it's been clear this was his plan all along, so I'm so glad I was patient (or at least tried to be).    
 As the school year wrapped up I enjoyed paging through my Memorable Moments Log. My bestest friend, who lives only 15 min away (another gift/sign from God) gifted me with this before I started my school year. A log to write down good memories that happened that day. Isn't she the sweetest?!

Now I'm not the greatest when it comes to a daily routine.  Never been one to remember to take a vitamin everyday for instance, anyone else have that problem?  So instead of writing something everyday I just periodically wrote if something really special, funny or memorable happened! Whether it had to do with school like a compliment from a co-worker or a student, a fun activity or lesson that worked just perfectly (gotta appreciate when that actually happens). Or maybe something outside the school doors like a wedding, birthday party, graduation parties, track, prom etc. 

I just put it somewhere in plain view so I can see the most recent memorable moment and add to whenever I can. All you need is a carton or other container, notecards & a date stamp. Since there are 10 lines on the notecard, you could do this over a ten year period. 

Gift idea for : 
New teachers / teacher appreciation
New parents to log their child's milestones, funny sayings
College student

Really ANYONE could find a use for this! So make one for yourself or for a gift and help preserve those moments that are worth reliving.

Once ten years rolls around I'll either keep as is, or hole punch and put a ring through it.
Then keep with other special memory projects like my Bridal Memory Book, Family Recipe Binder, Creating Beach MementosTrip Keepsakes, Memory Ornament Ideas (Picture Perfect, Graduation Tassel, "Marry" Christmas) and Special Occasion Card Collections.

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