Friday, December 12, 2014

Memory Ornament Ideas

Wedding Invitation Ornaments 

Turn your wedding invite into a decoration by putting it into a bulb that you can hang on your Christmas tree.  A lot of people will frame their wedding invitation, but this is another great way to commemorate your big day.  Whether you make it for yourself, a friend, or family it's a great option for all those invitations you accumulate.

Read Lisa's post DIY "Marry" Christmas Ornaments for instructions on making these!

 The picture is the invitation ornament I made from mine and Dave's wedding.  I added the blue gems to the ornament since I had those in every one of my centerpieces at the wedding and thought it was a great way to incorporate our wedding colors.  In addition to the invitation I cut into strips, I added ribbon that we used both on our invitations and centerpieces both in the bulb and to hang it on the tree
Saving the Bouquet / Engagement Bulb

Lisa's DIY Wedding Ornaments talks about ideas on ways to preserve your wedding memories every Christmas.  She'll walk you through using flower petals from your engagement and wedding bouquet in ornaments to represent your big days every year!

Picture Ornaments

There are so many options that you can do with this idea.  You could make a bulb every year and choose one photo that summarizes the best thing, whether it be a vacation, family outing, birth, engagement, wedding, graduation, I mean the list seems endless.

Depending on the time in your life, it will guide your ornament making.  For example, right now people my age are getting engaged, married, honeymoons, having their first child, and first home.  Lots of firsts.  So these are a thoughtful and money savvy way to show your support for the couple as they go through their BIG life changes.

For more details on this specific ornament check out my post on "PicturePerfect Ornaments" under the Craft Corner Tab, posted on December 27, 2013.

Map Ornaments

A Diamond in the StuffA creative option to turn a fun memory into an ornament is to do so by cutting up a map of the location.  Whether it's where you and your spouse met, a honeymoon locale, vacation, study abroad city, etc you have countless opportunities to memorialize your experiences.

Good options for small cheap gifts, and not time intensive either. You can use an old Atlas or city maps you may have used to navigate.  Also, could go for an updated version instead of vintage look by printing a map off Google. A plus for using Google Maps is the location arrow designating exactly where the event or memory took place.  Options, options, options. Do what you think looks best while considering the resources you have at your disposable.

Graduation Tassel Ornaments
Graduation, the big day everyone spends years working towards is finally there.  Once you don the cap and gown, walk across the stage for your diploma, and throw your cap high in the air, those items usually get stuffed in your closet.  Yeah some hang the tassels with their high school colors from the rear view mirror before heading off to college, but soon those too are stuffed in a box.  Same goes for your college graduation paraphernalia.  The newest and super easy way to honor your success and the memories of those school days, is by making an ornament with your tassels.  This way you can bring them out once a year at Christmas to serve as a reminder of those times. Plus, you could make it to hang somewhere at your graduation party if you'd like. It's an ornament anyone could make!

Check out my post on how to make a "Graduation Tassel Ornament" under Craft Corner from May 16, 2014. 

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