Tuesday, December 30, 2014

DIY Ornament Box

As Christmas holidays come to an end that means taking down the tinsel, wreaths, lights, decor, and of course the tree.  It's a sad day when the decorations go back to their respective boxes.  But I do get a sense of relief in having my home go back to normal, and the organization freak in me loves packing it all up neatly again.

It's that love of organization that made me create some ornament boxes.  As the years go on, my ornaments have overflowed from the previous box so I needed some additional ones.  I chose to stick with shoe boxes so that I could pack them into larger storage bins.  A plain shoe box is too boring so to jazz it up just wrap it in left over Christmas wrapping paper.  It's cheaper than buying a small storage container; plus using paper you've used to wrap presents adds some sentimentality.  And unlike a clear container where you can peek at the contents, the shoe box adds that element of anticipation since you're not sure what ornament you'll be pulling out next.

Great to make for your family, with each member having their own box.  Then come Christmas each member gets to dig and sort through their box to hang their favorite ornaments.  I have loved that my mom did this for us and whenever Christmas rolls around I can't wait to pull out my ornament box for our tree decorating tradition.

The boxes are easy to make and all you need for materials are:
-a shoe box
-wrapping paper
-clear tape 

Then to assemble wrap the box and box lid separately in the paper like you'd wrap a present.  And even though you thought you were finally done wrapping presents til next year, it's worth it. 
*Note: If you choose a box with the cover attached (like my red wrapped box) it's a little trickier and will call for some additional snipping and folding, but still doable.  

Easy and fun to make this diy project will organize your holiday decorations and help preserve some great memories.

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