Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Little Man : Baby Shower

My cousin Leah and her husband are having a little miracle baby. I don't know that I have ever seen a future mommy as happy as my cousin is. It was a bit of a rough journey to get to this spot for my cousin and her husband and as a result, they haven't taken much of pregnancy for granted. Leah literally glows. She is so excited about every little moment in her pregnancy and is quick to laugh, even at the not so glamorous pieces.. like her "cankles." Their little guy will be incredibly loved and totally spoiled by his parents, grandparents, and godparents. Our entire family was ecstatic to hear the news and now we are all waiting on his entrance into the world in May.

While the baby is growing, we took some time to honor Leah and to finally be able to throw her a baby shower! My cousin Brianna took on the task and did an amazing job. Between the extremely happy mama-to-be and the cute touches that Brianna put together, it was a success. With Brianna's permission, I had to share her genius ideas!

Leah's Little Man Baby Shower

Start with a matching color scheme. Brianna used black, blue, green and a striped pattern.


- Garland made up of matching colors and paper reading, "Little Man"

- Wooden blocks that made up the baby's name

- Garland with baby onesies. I love this! The onesies had suspenders, ties and a mustache


- Munchies! Veggies, fruit and appetizers work well

- Chocolate mustaches on a stick. Brianna used a plastic mustache candy mold and then refrigerated the

- Cupcakes with coordinating picks reading, "Little Man" and "It's a boy!"


- Guess the mustache. Because don't you know the difference between the Super Mario mustache and a cowboy mustache?

- Don't say baby. Each lady started with two clothes pins. If you said "baby," whoever caught you could take a cloths pin

- Wishes for baby. Not as much a game but each lady filled out a card full of wishes for the future

Little Touches:

- Striped straws with "Little Man" flags

- "I am wonderfully made" onesie that each lady signed for the baby

- Baby diapers that all had little notes from different ladies. Things like "Good thing I'm cute!"


- Baby bottles with "It's a boy!" ribbon on the top and blue tropical punch inside

- Water bottles with the matching paper and mustache reading, "Wet your whiskers"

- Little champagne bottles for prizes! Each read, "She's about to pop!" along with the due date

Brianna gave us future-shower-hosts a lot to live up to! She did a wonderful job and we all had so much fun. Can't want to meet little baby Joey!

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