Monday, April 21, 2014

Froggy Birthday Party

Hip Hop Hooray! Time to celebrate somebody special's Birthday!

A birthday party designed for little ones who are in love with those green amphibians or in my nieces case, blue poison dart frogs.  For my niece's 3rd birthday party she wanted a party dedicated to blue frogs, and her of course.  Since it was a small family party with few kids we didn't use all these ideas, but I came up with some great additions and have all the details to have you throwing a frog party your child and guests will love.

Colors:  Blue and Green

Attire: (Optional)
-Could ask guests to dress in green like frogs
-Could supply frog masks, also serves as guest favors

-Lay lily pads leading up to the door either using construction paper or chalk on the driveway.
-On the entryway door hang a welcome sign that ties in the party theme. Example:
Welcome to our Pond
(Include a picture of a frog with a birthday hat)
We're Celebrating (name)'s (age) Birthday
-Can make frogs out of balloons and construction paper then hang them around the party.
-If your child is a fan of Sesame Street you could incorporate Kermit the Frog.
-Decorate using blue and green colors

Snack- "Bugs on a Log" celery, peanut butter, and raisins
Meal Ideas- Play around with pasta in "log" shapes, and side of blue jello as a pond.  If feeding adults too you represent lily pads by making salad cups.  
Dessert- Decorate your cake or cupcakes with blue icing to mimic a pond.  Top the cupcake with a "log" or tootsie roll and a fake plastic or rubber frog.  For younger ones, a green lily pad out of icing as the decoration will suffice to avoid choking hazards.   

To get them pumped up (more than they probably are already) and give them something to do while the guests arrive, you can play children's songs like the "Little Green Frog Song" and have them leap frog or singalong.
Pin the Frog on the Lily Pad 
The concept is the same as any pin the tail game.  Using a bandana you blindfold the participant, spin them around and they have to guess where on the wall the lily pads are located to tape their frog to it.  Winner is whoever lands on the pad most accurately.  

Materials and Assembly:  
-Frogs: Using a frog template print off frogs for the number of guests.  Can color ahead of time (which I did) or make a coloring activity out of it and have each guest color a paper frog to their liking.  To distinguish the birthday boy or girl I made a small paper birthday hate for one frog.  And since in the case of my niece she loves blue frogs she got a blue frog and pink birthday hat.  
-For the scene you can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish.  Because I wanted to make the lily pad size accurate, I made 2 pads.  Then decorated the scene with flies and dragonflies I cut and colored.  
Flies for Froggy
Dropping clothes pins and trying to make it in a bucket is a game I played in my childhood.  Adapting the game to this theme was easy.  Game is a cinch to play, just have kids kneel or stand on a taller surface and they drop their pin, trying to make it into the bucket. 

Materials & Assembly:
The bucket becomes a frog which you decorate to look like a frog, with the opening being the frogs mouth.  To make simply find a canister or jug, make sure the hole is appropriately sized for age of kids, and make it green.  Use green construction paper to cover it or painting it's an option.  Make some eyes or large googly eyes and finally a red/pink tongue coming out of the canister and over the lip of the opening.  For the flies you can make them multicolored for dragonflies or all black representing the everyday fly. 
Frog Race -  
Don't worry you're not racing real frogs, that could get disastrous!   For the frog race you need a "Frog Jump Game" which you can get at Party City for $4.99.  The game is made for ages 3 and up with 24 frogs included.  Guests choose a frog color and race to get their frog to jump in the "pond" or blow up pool.  Can start on one side of the room OR in a circle surrounding the inflatable pond.  Press and release a tab at the rear of each tab to make it spring forward.  The player landing the most frogs in the pool wins.

*Note: Play on a hard surface otherwise your frogs will do lots of back flips.  And although impressive, the goal is to have your frogs move forward. 

With these ideas in combination to your own, you're sure to throw one Hoppin Happy Birthday that any child would be happy to have!

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