Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lace: Timeless Beauty

I love lace. Love love love it. I have fancied it before it became popular or in fashion. I have adored it since people were calling it things like: "something my mom would wear" or "it looks like a doilie." I think you get the idea. Thanks to the royal wedding a few years ago, lace is back and more beautiful than ever. While part of me gets excited every time I see it, I also don't prefer the whole trendy and "in" idea surrounding it. Either way, lace is gorgeous and I wanted to explore a few different ways that you can use it. 

Since statement necklaces are ever popular right now, why not create one out of lace? You can use a piece of lace from an old garment or find some at your local discount fabric store. Cut to the desired size and length. Spray with fabric stiffener and add a chain to complete the look! This idea would be especially sweet using your mom's or grandma's wedding dress.

I may have to try to use a variation of this idea for my wedding since I can't stop starring at the beauty. Take a strip of lace, spray some adhesive and carefully line the bottom of a tea light holder or a pillar candle. It dresses up the entire look and gives it a whimsical ambiance.

This project was a bit more complicated and required a bit of help from my sewing expert mother. I found a beautiful dress and couldn't help but add a bit of lace to dress it up. We cut and pinned a piece of lace in the open area. My mom is currently attaching the lace to the back, leaving the bottom of the lace unsewn for easier movement and comfort. Tada!

Check out our Pinterest page for some more lacey ideas!

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