Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Best Burgers in the Twin Cities

My other half and I are huge fans of burgers. I know, that is right up there with our other unhealthy favorites, pizza and french fries. We have tried many different burger restaurants and a few weeks ago, Joe looks up at me and says, "You should review some burgers on your blog!" One of the many reasons I am marrying him folks. Keeper! While we have not nearly exhausted trying burger joints in the Twin Cities, we do have a few recent favorites. I have reviewed a couple "quick" style burgers that you can get on the go and then the "sit-down" burgers that are worth the wait. In anticipation of writing this, I did a little research and realized how we have barely skimmed the surface of the TC's top burger winners. Who knew that the Twin Cities was such a hub for amazing burgers?! We will definitely be adding to this list as we try more!

Burgers that are a "Quick" bite on the go!


You have probably heard the commercials for "Smashburgers' burger smashers!" We were a bit skeptical about this place since it seemed like just another fast food restaurant. But since it had so many raving reviews, we wanted to try it and were pleasantly surprised! The burgers are never frozen 100% Angus beef with an artisan bun and very tasty. Try it with Smashfries which are tossed with garlic, rosemary and olive.

5 Guys

While I can never finish a burger and fries here, it is still yummy. I definitely recommend splitting a meal with someone and since there apparently are "250,000" different ways to order a 5 Guys burger, it'd be beneficial to not try them all at once!

Burgers that are "sit-down" and worth the wait

Burger Jones

Joe and I recently discovered this place and while some people love it and some don't find it terribly interesting, we took to it right away. That also might have something to do with their delicious and very adorable mason jar drinks. My most recent taste test was their Gyro burger. While it can't beat Gardens of Salonica gyros (more on that later!), it was a great lamb burger topped with tomato, lettuce, feta, cucumber and tzatziki sauce all on a flat wheat bun. Joe thoroughly enjoyed his beef and bacon burger as well. The branding on the top is a fun touch.

5-8 Club

I recently had my second trip to the 5-8 Club. We joined Joe's brother Josh and his lovely girlfriend, Tami. The 5-8 Club is unique in that it is seat yourself. The line was out the door the entire time that we were there! I tried a Juicy Lucy with pepper jack cheese inside and it was incredible. If you don't know what a Juicy Lucy is, just think about a perfect burger patty with the cheese inside of it! We are now on a quest to try the other top Juicy Lucy restaurants in the Twin Cities to compare: Matt's Bar, The Blue Door Pub and The Nook.

Bar Lurcat

My girl Meghan took me to Bar Lurcat for my birthday. My first time at this restaurant was for a work event so I hadn't had the pleasure of trying their traditional food menu yet. Their mini burgers were amazing! They reminded me a bit of the renowned 112 Eatery burgers that come with just a patty and an English Muffin. These little burgers melt in your mouth and I was very thankful to have Meghan there to help me eat them. We topped it off with an order of mini donuts and I was a happy camper. Pair it with their Eiffel Tower Sparkle cocktail and you have yourself a party!

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