Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eggplant and Gold!

Sometimes it is a struggle when you have ideas and plans. And then those ideas become the trendy, popular thing to do. And all of a sudden, you are faced with a choice.

Do you do the things you want because you have always wanted to? Even if that looks like you are following the crowd? Or do you do something totally different for the sake of doing something different?

This was my recent thought debate surrounding wedding colors. I have wanted to use purple in my wedding for years. I watched as pink was the color of choice, then malibu blue was in style, then navy and then this fall and summer came purple. For me, this development felt like... ouch, really? Well, after much thought and support from those closest to me, I decided that I didn't just want, I needed to do the colors I had always dreamed of.

Therefore, in the honor of sticking to your guns, I did a couple purple related projects!!

Paper Roses
Spoiler alert! You may be seeing this fun little piece somewhere on my wedding day. These
little beauties were easy once you did one or two initially. I saw a number of tutorials where the end result was an entire bouquet. Beautiful and added bonus, very affordable!

- Card stock paper in varied colors and patterns
- Glue gun
- Scissors
- Canvas or other base piece

1. Begin by cutting circles. I cut different sizes so that my roses were different sizes. Then cut a spiral in the circle. I preferred my roses to not have perfect edges but if you want perfect edges, cut your spiral edges in the same length.
2. Begin wrapping your rose from the outside edge of the spiral and twist into the center.
3. Glue as you go but ultimately, glue the paper together at the end.
4. Position roses on your canvas as desired. I used a burlap canvas, one of my new favorite things! Or you can paint a background or image or even just fill on the back of an empty picture frame.

Yogurt Drops
This little purple project was something that I had on my "to do" list for months. Since I gave up sweets for Lent, I decided to try these frozen yogurt drops. I used blueberry Greek Chobani yogurt. These are perfect since they trick you into thinking that you are eating something with an ice cream texture without all the added sugar. 

- One or two small containers of Greek yogurt
- Plastic baggie
- Wax paper

1. Spoon yogurt into baggie.
2. Cut corner of baggie and slowly pipe yogurt onto the wax paper. I did quarter sized dollops.
3. Freeze immediately.

Chobani also has a delicious looking recipe for "Honey Chobani-Covered Frozen Blueberries" on their official blog. Yum!!

Cardboard Art
Lastly, the other project that has been in my sights for awhile is a cardboard roll art piece. I grabbed an old wrapping paper roll and in honor of our accent color, I sprayed the end result in a beautiful gold.

- Cardboard rolls (wrapping paper or toilet paper rolls work well)
- Hot glue
- Scissors
- Spray paint

1. Cut cardboard rolls into desired widths.
2. Hot glue edges of cardboard into the design and pattern that you choose. I glued together groups of four by connecting them at the center.
3. Glue the remaining pieces to complete the size and design. Spray paint and let dry.

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