Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Patriotic Pallet Project

Pallet projects are all the rage.

If you find yourself in possession of a pallet you should definitely seize the chance to make it into an American flag.  Even though we just celebrated the 4th of July it still makes a great garden or porch piece to display all summer long. Would put one in my classroom if I thought it would fit!

Couple choices when it comes to making the US flag.  You could go with the traditional American flag look by replicating the straight red and white stripes and it'll look great! Mainly these boards have identical well spaced stars.  You'll see this style all over pinterest.

But to go with a more modern look, switch it up.  Try a chevron pattern and variable sized stars like this completed project.  Both are cool ways to display your American pride.

American Flag Pallet

Time: ~ 1 hour
(not including drying time)

-wood pallet
-paint brushes
-acrylic craft paint
-painters tape
-stencil for stars OR star sponge stamps

1. Start with white to prime the stripes. While that is drying paint the blue portion.
2. When its completely dry, apply painters tape to create a chevron pattern.
3. Paint the taped chevron sections red.
4. Create white stars in the upper left blue corner.  You can freehand them, use stencils, or sponge stamps to create the needed state stars.

All done! Just have to find the perfect spot for it! Happy pallet painting! 

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