Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fire & Ice Gift Box

Themed gift boxes are my thing!

Shopping and making these make me a happy girl.  So I try and find any excuse to think up a theme and run with it.  Good for birthday parties, baby showers, and church auction donations.  Even thought up some for work promotions, get well baskets etc so stay tuned.

These snack boxes are perfect for those salty or sweet snack lovers.

Can be especially easy gifts for those people who are hard to buy for or if you want to show you're thinking of them for a mere $20-$30. Plus this is one of those boxes that you know will be appreciated!

Who doesn't LOVE a box full of treats?!

This FIRE & ICE box is full of fiery freshness!
For someone who likes spicy this snack box will have their mouth singing.
And then help them cool it down with some minty freshness.


Fiery Item options:


   * Flamin' hot,   cheddar jalapeno,    flamin' hot limon,    xxtra flamin' hot
Fritos flamin' hot
   * flamas,    spicy sweet chili,    spicy nacho,    spicy street taco,    ranch dipped hot wings
Doritos Dinamita
   * chile limon,    fiery habanero,    nacho picoso
   *  flamin' hot,    chile limon
   * flamin' hot,    chile limon
Lays Stax
   * buffalo wing,    chile limon,    flamas,    xtra flamin' hot
Hot Sauce / Tabasco
Cinnamon Bears
Cinnamon Hard Candy
Red Hots
Hot Tamales

Icy / Fresh Item options:

Orbit gum
Lifesavers Mints
Andes Mints
Tic Tacs
Junior Mints
York Peppermint
Gatorade Frost

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Coming soon:

Sending some Sunshine

"You're on Fire" Box
     - work promotion
     - report card
     - graduation

Sweet & Sour Box
     - someone sweet in a sour situation

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