Monday, July 25, 2016

KEEP collective jewelry

I love basic everyday jewelry!  For me a bracelet that can go with everything because it can be dressed up or down, is a worthwhile investment.  Always a fan for items of sentimentality KEEP collective has found a special place on my wrist.

How did I discover these great pieces?  It's all thanks to my best friend Melanie who became a KEEP consultant and introduced me and has gotten me addicted.  But instead of me raving about it, figured she could more accurately share just what makes KEEP so special.

First here is a peek into one of my latest obsessions!

 Little note about what these mean to me and why I love wearing them!!!

 - Mrs : for my hubby and me,

 - Stacked Hearts: for my most valued relationships (hubby and I, best friend Melanie and I, my parents, my brother and I, etc..)

 - Mrs W : I'm a teacher

 - U.S. Map : US History teacher, Geography teacher, goal to travel to all 50 states

 - Blessed : constant reminder of how blessed I am in all facets of my life, God looking out for me

 - Arrow : goals to attain, journeying ahead

Hi everyone! My name is Melanie, and as Marie said above I am a KEEP consultant.  Today I want to share with you more about why Marie and I both love KEEP, and why we think you'll love this arm candy too! 

The idea behind KEEP is that YOU get to create YOUR jewelry.  KEEP what matters to you close at hand. Share who or what you love. What's YOUR story?

The reason I joined KEEP is because I love their mission to spread happy.  I was first drawn in because of the amazing jewelry (I had a wish list that was a mile long!).  I wanted to earn some free product and commission to help fund my new-found obsession.  As I began to design pieces, I heard stories from women about the things that were most precious to them.  It is so inspiring and such a privilege to have conversations about aspirations, loss, and family. It's a dream that I get paid to help people tell the stories of their one-of-a-kind
lives!  There is so much cruelty and tragedy in the world, and I want to be part of something that helps people keep their joy and happiness close at hand.  KEEP helps remind us of what's most important in life and that each of us is truly blessed.

Just like Marie, I have a few favorite KEEP keys I wanted to share.

- Palm leaf : represents growth and honor. I wear it to remind me that life is a process and to find lessons in each day.

 - Hearts bar : I wear this to represent my two daughters.

 - Knot : represents my marriage and "tying the knot."  It helps me remember that when things get tough, our bond only gets tighter.

 - Arrow : I wear this one just about every single day! for me, it represents moving forward and the quote, "When life seems to be pulling you back, it means you will soon be launched into something great."

 - Color bar : I wear the blue bar for the thin blue line in support of my husband as a policy officer.

 - Key : when I wear the key, it helps me to think about the "keys to my heart and happiness" and to keep those things at the forefront of everything I do.

Steps to creating your KEEP story.

Step 1 - Check out my online catalog here:

Step 2 - Choose your keeper! Bracelet or necklace? Metal or leather? Single or double? Silver, gold, or rose gold?

Step 3 - Choose your keys! Keys are charms that tell your story. They slide on and off your keeper and fit snugly so they stay in place while you move.

Step 4 - Place your order or ask me to make a mock-up of your design so you can see it before purchasing. Your beautiful package will arrive at your doorstep in 4-7 days!

If you are new to KEEP and want to learn more, this is a great video to watch: 

Join the fun and design your own KEEP bracelet today.  It's time to share your story.

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