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7C's of Wedding Desserts

Cake _ Cupcakes _ Cheesecake _ Cakepops _ Candy _ iceCream _ Cookies


"Love is Sweet"


The best part of eating at a wedding ... the dessert.  It's always one of my favorite parts of a wedding.

 Main desserts for weddings fall into these categories.  I never realized until writing this blog post that all the BIG desserts served at weddings start with the letter C!  How crazy?! Something about tasty desserts and the letter C just go hand in hand.

Here is a compiled list of the main dessert options to serve at your wedding.  I've been lucky enough to have tasted all these scrumptious desserts (except an ice cream sundae bar, but I figure I still got quite a few weddings in my future)!  When picking your dessert consider whether you want to stick with the traditional wedding cake or showcase one of the other many options out there.  And hopefully these photos will give you some inspiration to put your own flair into a wedding dessert.

As for other delectable favorites to serve alongside your main wedding dessert see my post on how to Personalize Your Wedding: Drinks and Desserts.  Your guests will surely be pleased with all these ideas of tasty morsels and creatively named wedding drinks.



Whether it's the main dessert, or just a cutting cake for the couple, there's a reason it's tradition!

Here's a peek at some of the fantastic cakes from the weddings of friends and family. Aren't they all beautiful and so unique?! The creativity of cake decorating is amazing, from fondant flowers to the real deal, from sparkly bling to simplicity, to monograms on or off the cake, to wedding color ribbon or piping, it's all in the detail! I just can't get enough of these cakes, and the same can be said for many of the guests. So in the famous words of another Marie, "Let them eat cake!"



What's great about cupcakes is your ability to choose a multitude of flavors beyond the one or two choices a cake forces upon you. With ganache, flavored icings, and whip creams you can serve quite an assortment of deliciousness with cupcakes. Another benefit, cuts down on serving time too and no cake cutting fee!
Kate Wenzel Photography

Candy Bar

Whenever there is candy at a wedding, you can be assured I'm there!  I love candy!  I thought a candy bar was a fun snackable treat option for guests at our reception until the main dessert is served.

Our cousin Apryl also had a candy bar at her wedding, which they made as their main dessert.

Lisa's brother and sister-in-law/best friend Mary had a candy bar featured at their wedding, which she helped with.  It's super adorable with the sorted colored candy, you gotta check out Lisa's M&M blog post.

Apryl Rose Photography

Cake pops

Bellagala Photography



Lisa's wedding featured a Cookie Bar , a new twist on the average wedding dessert.  In fact, I recently learned from a graduate student friend from Dave's college in Ohio, that in the western part of Pennsylvania it's tradition for the family and friends to bake cookies for weddings. I think it's a great way for the family to all contribute to the special day, and all that effort leads to an incredibly impressive dessert table.

Items not pictured Cheesecake nor Ice-Cream, but were big hits when served at the weddings.

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