Friday, November 21, 2014

DIY Famous Couples Art

There have been a few oddball crafts that I have been working on while trying to set up our new home. I had purchased a picture frame for our guestbook that we ended up not using. However, it matches the color of our bedroom so I wanted to make use of it. I ended up looking high and low for a print that would fit the 11.75 x 36 frame and could not find a single one that I liked. As usual, this lead me to the conclusion that I needed to make something of my own.

Famous Couples Art

I used a paper cutter to get even strips of white paper and then used the purple for the matte color. I thought long and hard about the famous couples that I wanted to include. I fancied some of the following: Darcy and Lizzy, Popeye and Olive, Beauty and the Beast... the list goes on. You could also theme your art, ie. Disney couples or Biblical couples. I also chose to include "Mr and Mrs" in the middle. Another cute idea is including the couples name, ie. "Joe and Lisa."

I wrote different fonts with a sharpie for each strip to make it visually interesting. Let's just say that my husband was super proud of those little details. At first, he didn't believe that I wrote them... is my normal handwriting that bad??

Now we have a sweet little piece in our bedroom and I do not have to feel guilty about an empty frame laying around. I also love the fact that this art was free, so if I ever find something to take its place, there will be no hard feelings or second thoughts.

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