Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Knapsack of Hope

Another school year has come and gone.  Any day your students will be leaving your classroom and on their way to the next grade.  An especially big and exciting jump is the one 8th grade students will be making as they enter high school in the fall.  To send them on their way with well wishes from the teachers you can make "Knapsacks of Hope."

In the knapsack you an include 6 supplies commonly used amongst students.  These items are easy to purchase in bulk, which you'll want to do if you have a whole team or two at your school.  This of course can be tailored to any grade level, even graduating seniors, they just might find it extremely corny.  But I'm all about corny.

All you need to assemble are the 6 items, cellophane bags, twist ties and a note explaining all the bag's contents.  If you're doing this with other teachers, the process should be even easier to tackle during a team meeting.  These bags are a great way to wrap up the year for the faculty and the students, helping everyone leave on a positive note.  And who knows maybe a few will keep it as a keepsake, but if not at least they'll put all the pieces to good use.

A Knapsack of Hope
to take with you on your new adventure

A star to remind you to keep shining.
A paperclip to help you hold things together.  
A pencil to help you continue to write your life story.
An eraser to fix all of the small mistakes.
A penny so you're never broke.
A rubber band to help you stretch beyond your limits.

A simple gesture to send your students off with the support and encouragement you've been giving them all year.

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