Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Hanging Paper Birdcages

Looking for a fun craft to add to a shower you're throwing, well here you go!  This craft takes only about half an hour, and can be made with inexpensive materials that you can likely find in your home.  It's a great way to add that personal touch to the shower you're throwing.  Two themed showers that this hanging birdcage can make an appearance in are a Lovebirds Bridal Shower and a Nesting Baby Shower

You can add your own flair to the basic idea of the birdcage.  Use fun paper and frills to spice it up, or go for a basic look.  Depending on the color scheme of the shower, you have lots of options open to you. Using thicker paper for the cage, you may even be able to make centerpieces. 

It was so much fun to make these hanging birdcages for my cousin & blog partner Lisa.  This was just one of the many crafts that  pull together the theme of her Lovebirds Bridal Shower.  You'll be able to check out more ideas for throwing the "tweetest" lovebirds theme on the blog. 

Paper Birds
Paper - (computer or scrapbook paper)
Note cards or Stock paper
Scissors/Paper cutter

Assembly Instructions:
25 minutes per birdcage

1) Make paper birds to hang in the bird cages.  You can choose to make the birds colored and the cages white, or the cages colored and the birds white.

2) Using 8x11 computer paper I cut two even strips (about 1/3 of the paper each) to make the base of the bird cage.  I then stapled the two strips together at the seems to make the circular base.

3) With the left over paper I cut small even strips to make the "bars" of the birdcage. 

4) I then attached one side of each strip to the inside of the circular base, by taping them.  Make sure to space the paper strips evenly around the base.

5) To create a firm top of the cage I taped two note cards together, and then preceded to cut the cards into a large enough circle to attach all the thin strips to.

6)  Next I attached all the thin strips of the paper to the circular top of the cage.  The easiest way to do this is hold the circle above the center of the cage and then attach the paper strips with tape one by one to make sure the bars stay evenly spaced and arc outwards. When the cages aren't hanging it will look like the picture, with the paper still maintaining its shape once it's hanged.

7.  Next you use a pin to poke a hole through the small circle.  You also need to poke a hole in the paper bird, make sure to poke it where the bird will remain balanced when hanging. 

8.  Using twine or string, thread through the hole in the bird and tie a large knot. 

9. Cut the string long enough to give you room to adjust the hanging height of the birdcage.  Next you thread the string through the top circle.  Adjust the string so that the bird hangs at a good height in the cage.  If you cut the hole in the top small enough it shouldn't move up and down on the string.  If you did not you may need to secure using another knot or tape to restrict movement.

And there you have it!  Now your homemade birdcage is ready to be used for decoration!  

If you're using these hanging bird cages at a LoveBirds Bridal Shower or a Nesting Baby Shower, you may want to make more than one.  They look great hanging in pairs at differing heights.  And the great thing is if you want to extend the use past the party they keep their shape if stored in a box or you can hang them in a kid's room too.  

Inexpensive decoration for a shower, these DIY Hanging Birdcages are special.  Made by hand they add that personal touch.  Whether you hang the birdcages like a garland, or place them sporadically around the party space, they're sure to add to your bird themed shower!

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