Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Elf Makeup

I am a huge fan of Elf products. Elf can be found at your local Target store and offers an array of makeup products. The factor that sets it apart is that Elf is cheap. Not cheap as in quality, cheap as in incredibly inexpensive. Elf's mascara, liner and a few brushes are $1. You indeed read that correctly, only one dollar. The other amazing part is that the products work well! I bought a name brand liquid eye liner and it doesn't work any better than Elf's $1 liquid liner.

Lisa's top three Elf finds are the following:

Primer: Every girl should use primer. It is a great base for your makeup and keeps it set throughout the day. I had been using an expensive brand name primer until it ran out. Elf's primer is a mere $6 and works like a charm! They also make a spectacular eye shadow primer for $3.

Lip Shaper: Elf makes a great lip liner/shaper pencil. I use the nude side as a highlighter and shaper for right above the top lip. Makes the lip shape pop!

High Definition Powder: I did a lot of reading up on wedding makeup before doing some bridal makeup last summer and this was a big winner for setting powder. Throw a little on after your foundation and blush. Use this powder instead of a mineral powder if you are having high quality pictures taken.

Marie's top three Elf finds are the following:

Waterproof Liquid Liner- I use this liner more for everyday liquid liner due to the thicker brush and it being less dark then their other liquid liner.

Liquid Liner - Lisa was the one to share this with me and ever since it's been my go to liquid liner for those special occasions or night outs.  It's brush is incredibly thin and you'll get a sharp thin line out of it, so I usually apply a few coats. Doesn't run easily even thought it's not waterproof.

Flawless Eyeshadow - Beautiful Brown: $2  I like that all 4 brown shadows are in 1 container and that they give specifics for those make-up noobs like me who need help in the beauty application department.  They have 4 shadows and are ordered by base, lid, crease, line.  There are a few other color pack options: Tantalizing Taupe, Smokey, Happy Hour, Golden Goddess, Party Purple, & Sea Escape.

Other Elf Trials:
$1 Regular/Waterproof Mascara Duo: unimpressed
$2 Make-up Mist & Set: good
$3 Waterproof Lengthening & Volumizing Mascara: fine

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