Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pumpkin Picking & Painting

Fall and Halloween time means pumpkins! Going to the pumpkin patch and choosing your own pumpkins, along with other little activities is an experience to have at least once. 

Got your pumpkin? Okay, time to decorate. Sure you can leave it as just a pumpkin, the simplicity speaks to the essence of fall, but if you want to take the extra step here's an idea. Add your creative spin by painting your pumpkin, it's something you should try.  

Carving is traditional and you get pumpkin seeds to cook out of your effort, if you can handle the messy innards.  Deciding to obstain from that gooey mess this year I opted for painting. It's less dangerous since no knives are involved and paint allows you to erase and perfect your pumpkin.  For me, restarting multiple times is a plus, since I'm kind of a perfectionist.  And the pumpkin doesn't rot as quickly so your artwork can be enjoyed longer without suffering the stinky smell. So next fall consider trying a different creative method come Halloween time. 
Happy Pumpkin Painting!

Left: Here's a picture of my husband and my pumpkins. Clearly
we're not artists, but we do try at least.
Right: My sister-in-law shows more potential as a pumpkin painter. 

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