Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Quarter of a Century Party

I did some research on fun 25th birthday theme ideas in honor of my lovely co-collaborator's upcoming birthday. There aren't many unique ideas out there, the large majority suggest an overall silver themed bash. I did find one that I thought Marie would especially appreciate, it is a very clever spin-off. It is a "Quarter of a Century" themed party.


  • Vases with quarters as a filler with your choice of flowers, candles or other fun items to complete the centerpiece.
  • Clocks set at a quarter after.
  • Have a table that features 25 pictures, one from each year of the birthday girl/boy's life. Throughout the party, have guests browse and guess the age in each picture.

  • Have quarter sizes of everything. Set platters with 3/4 of the tray empty.
  • Cut veggies or other appetizers into fourths.
  • Bring out a cake with 3/4 missing. Have cupcakes frosted and designed like quarters.

  • Trivia questions that focus on the last 25 years; ie. what has been invented, popular bands, etc.
  • Watch the first fourth of a film, split into groups and have each group guess the ending of the movie.
  • Have a large quarter cut out and play pin the nose on George Washington.
  • Prize idea: A quarter pound of quarters!

    Happiest of birthdays to the ever young at heart, ever smiley and ever wonderful Marie!!! Quarter of a century young :)


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