Friday, October 25, 2013

Malory Family Series by Johanna Lindsey

I got my hands on a book from this series my freshman year of college, probably not the best thing for me looking back considering how I delayed homework and sleep to read it. However, I was completely enraptured, and had to share it with my roommates. I was dying to tell them. Those of you who know me, keeping secrets, especially those relating to plots of books or movies is nearly impossible for me to keep quiet about.  So after ranting and raving about the romantic steamy book I just finished I told my roommate Melanie she just had to read it, it was either that or I'd recount the whole book for her. She chose the quieter quicker option, and read it herself.  I'd peer over from my bunk, curiosity making me want to know just what part she was at. She stopped indulging me after a while. Can't say I blame her. Anyways she liked it, I liked it, you'll like it!  So go grab the series, just make sure you don't have precious things to do, then again the books are worth a little lack of sleep. I confess multiple books in the series kept me up till the very wee hours. Whoops, that's what I get for reading them before bedtime. Just read them in order, they are definitely better that way, and lucky for you I put them in order at the bottom, I'm nice like that. So just scroll down, copy, and start your reading!

Series Overview
If jumping back to the time of English lords and ladies sounds interesting to you, and you thoroughly enjoy a good tale of romance, take a look at this series by Johanna Lindsey.  Lindsey is a master of historical romance.  The romance make these books good, but the family loyalty and relationships of the Malory and Anderson clan is what makes these great!  It's hard to resist the banter between the family and involvement, whether welcome or not that they have in each others lives, particularly their romantic interests.  A little racey and steamy at times, these books bring you back to the time of English gentleman and rakes that are hard to resist with their good looks, charm and romantic spontaneity.  Be careful, because you may fall victim too and find yourself with the Malory family like so many others. But it's a good club to join.

Malory and Anderson Family Series:
1) Love Only Once
2) Tender Rebel
3) Gentle Rogue
4) The Magic of You
5) Say You Love Me
6) The Present
7) A Loving Scoundrel
8) Captive of My Desires
9) No Choice but Seduction
10) That Perfect Someone

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