Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanks a Latte Holiday Gift

Holiday gifts for coworkers or vendors can be tough sometimes. You want to find a gift they will enjoy and it is nice to have a set budget. I recently was brainstorming some thank you ideas for a vendor and came up with the following little gift that also works great for a holiday gift!

Thanks A Latte

- Large coffee cup, top and straw
- Coffee shop gift card
- Instant coffee or hot chocolate packets
- Other little food or gift items
Note: I used Jelly Belly packets (The Star Wars jelly beans were my favorite!) but you could also fill with chapstick, nail polish, pens or candy!

I filled up the Starbucks cups with the gift cards and goodies. To top the cups off, you could add some tissue paper to look like whipped cream or add a bow to the straw.

We used the holiday Starbucks cups for a festive holiday look and the vendors loved them!!

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