Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekend in Chicago

In celebration of my birthday and our six month wedding anniversary, my husband and I took a long weekend in Chicago. This trip was the perfect mixture of relaxing and exploring some new places. Below are a couple of highlights!

The Field Museum

We spent hours in the museum  mostly wandering through the animal exhibits. I particularly liked learning more about peacocks and peafowls. The guys enjoyed the dinosaurs but were also kind enough to walk through the gem exhibit with me. Definitely could have spent another few hours in that museum!

Vanille Patisserie and Lincoln Park

Since the beginning of the year, I have been on a no sugar challenge. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, it was time for some self control. Since we were celebrating my birthday in Chicago, I decided to allow myself a treat. Our friend found this darling patisserie just a couple blocks from Lincoln Park. After our indulgence, we grabbed some coffee and walked over to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

We spent our six month anniversary having an amazing brunch at Cafe Con Leche and relaxing with my cousin, her husband and my godbaby. They even tolerated my playing with the baby blocks. One year ago, I took a similar photo. Hard to believe that we are now six months into marriage and halfway to our one year anniversary! 

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