Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Eve Trilogy

By: Anna Carey

My Summary: 16 years after a deadly virus wiped out most of Earth's population, the world is a perilous place.  Eve attends an all girls school, training for the future skills the New America will need.  Except its all been a facade, no girl, even Eve the valedictorian, will escape the fate waiting for them across the lake after graduation day.  Determined to not be resigned to that life, Eve escapes and when traversing through the wild is forced to put faith in someone she was trained to distrust, to fear, to hate.....a boy, and his name is Caleb.

This adventure series is a story tinged with discovering love and friendship. The books focus on what lengths one would go to for someone they care about, someone they love.  Set in the future, it plays on possibilities of how the U.S. could end up if a good portion of the population was wiped out by a virus.  Sometimes these dystopian books can seem too farfetched, or a real stretch of possible truths, but the Eve trilogy does portray some real possibilities for a society whose success hinges on a population change.

This series was a basic trilogy series that was a decent read.  I wasn't overcome with the typical obsession I get when I read for more, but I thought for the young adult age it was tolerable.  With an interesting story plot and romance weaved throughout it was a quick trilogy to read.  My only complaint, the endings of each book left something to be desired.  But if teen girls are looking for a leisure read, this series would serve the purpose well.

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