Thursday, November 5, 2015

Paris Travel Highlights

Marie and I were recently laughing at our total opposite blogging schedule. She is a teacher so the summertime is when she is able to blog more freely. The summertime is my busy season with corporate events and weddings so the fall and winter is my best time to blog. But that is the beauty of having an awesome blogging partner! We are able to keep up with the ebbs and flows of our very busy lives. Thanks for sticking in there with us as we try to navigate through this crazy ride!

Speaking of life being busy... I am just now getting the chance to go through the photos from our two week France and Ireland trip that happened in May. I am excited to finally share some of the highlights from the trip!

Paris, France

Paris was amazing. We flew directly from Minneapolis to Paris and hit the ground running, quite literally. We only had a few days in this city and we wanted to make the most of them. It made for an exhausting few days but it was wonderful!

The flower markets were picture perfect!

And thus began my obsession with macarons!

I wanted to go back the minute that we left if only for another croissant and glass of rose, which happened to be cheaper than a Coke! I could not get enough of the macarons, cappuccinos, wine, pastries, crepes, the list goes on! Even my husband was obsessed with the chocolate croissants because the chocolate was the best we have tasted. Food aside, here are some of the other highlights from the Paris leg of the trip.

The beautiful Eiffel Tower at night!
Palace of Versailles

These golden gates were breathtaking! We felt like we barely scratched the surface on exploring this massive palace. The rooms were incredible and the gardens were beyond compare!

Eiffel Tower from the Arc De Triumphe

I was glad that no one told us how many steps it would take to get to the top of the Arc de Triumphe. We walked more in Paris than I have in a long time and our behinds were quite sore! But it was totally worth it. Since Paris has building height restrictions, I couldn't imagine a more beautiful view of the city!

Napoleon's Apartments, The Louvre

It took us an embarrassing amount of time to find Napoleon's Apartments in the Lourve. The museum is massive! We had arrived when the museum had opened and eventually made our way past the Mona Lisa to see the apartments in full glory. I definitely have some major chandelier goals after this trip!

Paris is always a good idea! - Audrey Hepburn 

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