Monday, October 19, 2015

Monogram Pumpkin

This may be the easiest monogrammed pumpkin projects of all time!

I have been loving white pumpkins this fall. While making a stop in my local Michaels, I noticed that they had copious amounts of artificial white pumpkins. Since they were on sale, I grabbed one for this project along with a jeweled monogram letter. Normally, I would prefer carving a real pumpkin but since I wanted this one to be reusable for the future, I was ok going with an artificial option.

- Pumpkin, real or artificial
- Sticker or decal

1. Make sure your surface is clean.

2. Add the sticker or decal in desired location.
Note: If you want to really get into the full fall spirit, you can stencil your pumpkin and then carve out your letter.

Seriously, that is all folks! No messy seeds or stringy pumpkin matter. Just a super cute pumpkin for a tablescape display or on your front porch. Happy Monday and happy crafting!

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