Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Jewelry Dish

Say hello to my latest and greatest DIY project. I love this one because it was inexpensive, quick and way cute! Jewelry dishes are trendy right now and who doesn't need a sweet little tray to place their knick knacks on?! You can fully customize your dish and I chose to keep it simple and feminine.

This was a project from the book: Happy Homemade Home. My sister-in-law gave me this book for my birthday and it has sweet DIY projects, recipes and ideas. It is a great resource for inspiration!

- Plastic or glass dish
*I found this acrylic plate at Target for $0.99. They also had a bunch of clear and white glass options for $2.00-5.00.
- Spray paint or Acrylic paint
*I used both!
- Stencil stickers
*I used cursive sticker stencils, found at Michaels.
- High gloss finishing spray

1. Start by removing any stickers on the dish and painting the top of the tray whatever color you'd like the shape/letter to appear as.
2. Once dry, place your sticker stencil into place. I used the letter "M" to make it a monogram tray.
3. Spray the dish with the spray paint of your choice. I used some gold spray paint on the back and front of the dish. You may need two coats depending on your color.
4. Once dry, carefully peel off the sticker and cover with a gloss finishing spray.

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