Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Animal Ring Holder

If you would have asked me six months ago if my husband is a patient guy, I would have probably said that he is not. We are both self-proclaimed impatient people. We joke regularly about how God likely thinks we are hilarious because we always seem to be learning patience in one way or another. I believe I wrote about this when I told my engagement story. No surprise, we are still learning the same lesson.

Recently though, it has come to light through living with me that he is an incredibly patience dude and must love me a lot. As you can tell from the blog, I pretty much constantly have my hand in some sort of project. Joe just smiles when someone tells him that he has glitter on his face. I am always moving things around and the desk space typically covered in whatever I am in the middle of working on. Now, you can see, he is an angel.

I recently decided to surprise him with a little DIY craft that was just for him. He prefers to not wear his wedding ring when he goes to the gym so I decided to make him a ring holder. This way, he will always know where he stored his ring.  

Animal Ring Holder

- Plastic dinosaur figurine (You could chose anything from a deer to an elephant figurine)
- Paint in your desired color (I chose white to match our bedroom colors)
- Finishing spray (I prefer a high-gloss spray)

1. Remove any stickers or tags on the figurine. Paint the first coat onto the figurine. 
2. Continue painting until you reach the desired look. I had to do several coats since I chose white paint.
3. After the paint dries, spray a finishing gloss over for a polished look.
4. If this is for a lady, you can also glue the figure to a dish or tray for additional jewelry storage.

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