Sunday, January 29, 2017

DIY Paper Roses

This darling heart canvas was used on my wedding day and is now perfect to pull out for Valentine's Day! 

Since I recently used it to decorate our home for Love Day, I thought would resurface this blog post to share with those who are looking to add some pretty heart elements to their home this season.

Paper Roses

- Card stock paper in varied colors and patterns
- Glue gun
- Scissors
- Canvas or other base piece

1. Begin by cutting circles. I cut different sizes so that my roses were different sizes. Then cut a spiral in the circle. I preferred my roses to not have perfect edges but if you want perfect edges, cut your spiral edges in the same length.
2. Begin wrapping your rose from the outside edge of the spiral and twist into the center.
3. Glue as you go but ultimately, glue the paper together at the end. 

4. Position roses on your canvas as desired. I used a burlap canvas, one of my new favorite things! I placed the roses into a heart and hot glued them in place.

If hearts are not your thing, I have used these paper roses in several other ways!

I wanted to find some inexpensive ways to bring more yellow into our gray/white/yellow bedroom theme. I also had a frame that no longer had a glass piece. I whipped up a couple of these paper roses and painted the frame to match the decor. We get so many compliments on our wall arrangement! 

I just love how easy and dynamic these paper roses are. Happy crafting!!

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