Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Paper Arrows

Valentine's Day is right around the corner! While some complain that it is a Hallmark holiday, I think we should all use it to spread a little extra love. Send an old friend a card in the mail, send a valentine to your godbaby or just write some simple words of appreciation to your other half.

One craft that I will be including in my valentines this year are these pretty paper arrows. Arrows have become a huge trend of late. I have been seeing them everywhere! Since I have a total feather obsession, I find arrows quite lovely. Naturally, I had to try to DIY a few of my own.

- Paper Straws (Found at Walmart)
- Wasabi Tape (Found at Target)
- Card Stock (Found at Michaels)
- String and/or yarn (Found at Michaels and Target)
- Hot Glue Gun
- Scissors

1. Start by cutting out different size feathers from the card stock. Also, cut out the tips of the arrows as well.
2. Hot glue the feather cut outs to one end of the paper straw. Glue the arrow tip to the other end.
3. Wrap the top of the arrow with string or yarn. Glue into place.
4. Embellish as desired!

These beauties will be accompanying some other valentine's day goodies. I cannot wait to send them out to loved ones! Bring it on Cupid! XOXO

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