Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY Cork Board Arrow

Recently, I have had an intense desire to re-organize and re-arrange our home. Is anyone else suffering from this?! I am wondering if it is the time of year or if I just need a fresh look. Either way, I have found a couple projects to help... so far!

I just finished a new command center area in our kitchen. A command center is usually your "drop site" for all things scheduling and paperwork. I will share more photos of the whole set up soon but for now, here are all the details on my super easy and quick DIY cord board arrow project.

DIY Cork Board Arrow

- Wooden shape (Arrow from Target)
- One 12 by 12 inch cork pad
- Glue (Hot glue or E6000 preferred)
- Scissors
- Push pins, as desired

1. Start by measuring out each piece to match the arrow shape. I only needed one piece of cork pad but you may need more depending on your shape. I preferred my arrow to look like it was different pieces versus one whole piece so cut mine accordingly.

2. Glue each cork piece as desired. I had to be careful to hold mine in place until secure.

3. Allow the glue adequate time to dry before hanging on the wall or inserting push pins.

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