Saturday, January 7, 2017

DIY Hexagon Canvas Art

I love trying new projects. These days, I especially appreciate the ones that I can start and finish in a reasonable amount of time. Lately, I have been seeing pictures of a geometric canvas on Pinterest and wanted to try it out myself. I tried it on a relatively small canvas and completed it while watching a movie with my husband. I would love to try it on a larger canvas because it would make for some interesting and cool house decor. You could also add a monogram, image or other fun elements to personalize the canvas.


- Geometric paper punch (I used a Creative Memories Hexagon Punch)
- Four 12x12 pieces of paper
- Canvas (I used an 8x10 canvas)
- Glue gun or ModPodge
- Scissors


1. Cut out the paper using the punch. I decided on a pattern and punched paper as needed.
2. Begin gluing on the paper. I left a little space between paper pieces in order to create a pattern.
3. Cut any pieces that do not need to be full.
4. I will be putting a sealing spray or glue over the canvas to help preserve the paper longer.
5. Add any letters or images desired.

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