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I've been on a Faerie book kick recently.  Midway through February I found some great series in this new popular world that so many authors have created for us readers.  Seemed fitting for the month of March to be focusing on the world of faery what with St. Patrick's Day.  I can get into most stories, but it's not often that I rate them a 5. And this month I had MANY!Already know some of these will be re-reads for me, they were that good!

ACOTAR Series - Sarah Maas  ( 5 / 5 )
* 1 : A Court of Thorns and Roses
   2 : A Court of Mist and Fury (May 2016)

Sarah Maas is one of my favorite YA authors! Her Throne of Glass Series is addictive and a favorite of many readers.  It's no surprise I LOVED this book, since it has many similarities to the familiar story of Beauty and the Beast.  This was a stay up all night until I finished it book, I truly didn't have another choice when I had read the first few chapters. 

Summary: Feyre hates faeries.  Behind the wall the humans live impoverished, but in relative safety from the dangerous immortal faeries.  That is until Feyre is accused of killing a faerie.  In retribution she must live with a deadly faery, Tamlin, to pay off the life debt.  Faeries are irrestible, but Feyre refuses to fall for her captor.  She waits, learning about the faeries and their weaknesses, and yet it's hard to fight her growing concern for Tamlin and those on the estate.  Searching for the truth about the fae and the well being of the humans, Feyre finds herself in the middle of a dangerous world.

Winterspell - Claire Legrand ( 5 / 5 )

A re-telling of the Nutcracker made this one of my favorites.  I love when stories are reshaped, but stay true enough to the primary story to see the connection.  Honestly before reading this I never was able to get into the story of the Nutcracker, partly because I don't think I truly understood all the characters and world of the fae.  Needless to say it exceeded expectations.

It's not often that I read stand alone novels. This book though, it's fabulous. It's a little dark. I've realized books that take place in faery tend to be on a spectrum of darkness. Always was scared of the rat king in the play, and this novel brings us into the magical world of the Nutcracker.  

The Iron Fey - Julie Kagawa ( 5 / 5 )

* 1 : The Iron King
* 1.5 : Winters Passage
* 2 : The Iron Daughter
* 3 : The Iron Queen
* 3.5 : Summer's Crossing
* 4 : The Iron Knight
* 4.5 : Iron's Prophecy
* 5 :  The Lost Prince
* 6 :  The Iron Traitor

One of my favorite series I read last year! This iron fey series had me on the lookout for other faery fantasy books.  The main character Meghan Chase, is the daughter of a mythical faery king, and one of the reasons I love the books.  The other characters in the book will make you laugh out loud, and have you falling in love right along with them.  And of course there's a young prince, and just like any "faery" tale you find yourself wrapped up in this dangerous love story. Lighter reading, it's appropriate for many audiences, and more lightheartedness than other faery stories.

Fever Series - Karen Marie Moning ( 4.5 / 5 )* 1 : Darkfever
* 2 : Bloodfever
* 3 : Faefever
* 4 : Dream fever
* 5 : Shadowfever
* 5.5 : Fevermoon
* 6 : Iced
* 7 : Burned
* 8 : Feverborn
   9 : (coming soon)

This series took me completely by surprise. Definitely not a read for teens.  Books 1-3 were relatively tame, but by the end of 3 and from then on the books turn even darker (hadn't thought it was possible) and more graphic in detail or R rated.  And yet I still found myself unable to stop halfway through the series, I just had to know how everything would work out.  It's one of those things that once the characters go through so much, you just need that ending for some closure. Whelp I'm still waiting, since the series just keeps going.  What I like is the empowerment and transformation of the main character as she comes into her own. And the challenges faced along the way, wow!  Everytime I think I know what's going to happen I'm wrong! Or suddenly BAM! something unexpected happens. Can't tell you how often I dropped my book in shock just absorbing what transpired.

Wicked Lovely Series - Melissa Marr ( 4 / 5 )

* 1 : Wicked Lovely
* 2 : Ink Exchange
* 3 :  Fragile Eternity
* 4 : Radiant Shadows
*  5 : Darkest Mercy 

 If you can guess it was the covers that aught my attention for this series. And then once I found out it was about the magical world of faery, I knew I had to put it on my to read list for March. After finishing this series, thought it was going to be good reads for teens.

Summary: Aislinn has always seen faeries.  She  hides her sight so well they have no idea she can see them.  But now one is following her.  Keenan, the devastatingly handsome Summer king is searching for his queen, and he thinks Aislinn is it. At least he hopes she is. Otherwise, like every other girl that has come before her, if she's not her fate will be sealed as a faery forever succumbed to winters cold. Will she take the risk to save the summer kingdom? Or is there another way to protect her best friend Seth and everyone else she holds dear?

Kanin Chronicles - Amanda Hocking ( 3 / 5 )

* 1 : Frostfire
* 2 : Ice Kissed
* 3: Crystal Kingdom

This series might not be about fairies but there were a lot of similarities.  The Kanin Chronicles is about trolls, good looking trolls apparently. There are different kingdoms beyond the human world, and yet the trolls will sometimes plant themselves among the humans.  Important royal mystical children are planted in place of a "normal" baby so that they might be brought up safe, until their families reclaim them when they come of age.  You've probably heard the term changeling before, it's not a new idea.  Good series for a teen audience!

Summary: Bryn Aven stands out with her blond hair blue eyes among the darker Kanins.  She wants to be a part of the elite royal guard, which sets her on the path of tailing a traitor to the King and Queen.  It's too bad the traitor used to be her biggest crush, but that won't stop her from doing whatever she must to achieve a ranking within the guard. But when the decision comes is she willing to risk everything to protect a kingdom that truly doesn't even accept her?



My running total since the start of the new year is now  25 / 100 !

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