Sunday, January 3, 2016

DIY Cone Christmas Trees

When you live in a small home or apartment, your TV can feel like the focal point in your living room. I wanted to create a more festive look and with some tinsel and DIY Christmas trees, I was able to make a simple holiday set up around our TV. All we had to do is throw a cracking fire on the screen!

Before packing away all of the holiday decor, I wanted to share this DIY cone Christmas trees that I created this year. These trees were less than $5 a tree which is a steal compared to the $15-25 cone trees that I was finding in stores. I plan on making even more variations next year with some holiday supplies that I got on-sale in the past few days.

- One package of poster paper
*Note: I found a package of 10 sheets for $5 at my local craft store.
- Hot glue and glue gun
- Ribbon or sequin string
*Note: This is where you can get creative: try feathers, beaded garland or tinsel!

1. Start by measuring out your cone on the poster board. I experimented with different heights for my set of trees which means I cut my poster board at different measurements.

2. Cut out the cone and glue the ends to make your tree shape.

3. Take your sequin or ribbon and start gluing it from the top. One of my trees ended up having an ugly glue strip down the back due to the glue melting the mesh. But it looked great from the front.

I also made one of the trees with a styrofoam crafting tree and ribbon. I used Christmas ribbon and wrapped it around the cone base. I used gold mini nails to secure the ribbon in place. To top it off, I glued a paper star to the top of the tree.

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