Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Destination Glitter Canvas

My sister was blessed to travel Europe for seven months earlier this year. During this time, her boyfriend took a trip to see her while she was in Dublin for her birthday. They had their first official date while they were there! Something straight out of a storybook, right?!

After we visited her several months later in Ireland, I was dying for an excuse to do a few Ireland-related crafts. I decided to make a little memento for their first date! Thankfully, they are both great sports when it comes to my obnoxious obsession with gold glitter. But who doesn't think of a pot of gold when you think of Ireland?!

This canvas would make an inexpensive, quick gift or a pretty wall hanging in your own home! You could make one for a trip you took, your hometown or a friend who just moved to a different city. Happy crafting!!

Glitter Destination Canvas

- Canvas
- Acrylic paint
- ModPodge
- Glitter
- Finishing spray
- Print out of country or state
- Heart sticker or cut out
- Scissors
- Tape
- Paint brushes

1. Begin by painting the canvas. I decided to use a dark green as my base color. Let paint dry before following the next steps.

2. Cut the print out so that you have a full outline of the country or state. If needed, tape the paper in place.

3. Place the heart sticker or heart paper cutout in place. I ended up using a small piece of tape to keep the heart in place.

4. Begin to spread the ModPodge generously on the canvas using a paint brush or sponge. You must do this fairly quickly so that your paper does not get too soggy and end up ripping off.

5. Once you have applied the glue, sprinkle the glitter onto the canvas. Make note of where your heart is placed so that you can locate it again once the glue dries.

6. Carefully dump or brush off the access glitter on the paper edges of your print out. Then slowly remove the printout itself. 

7. I used a toothpick to remove any glitter that was sticking to the canvas outside of the country outline.

8. Once the glue had dried, I used a toothpick to gently remove the heart paper over the Dublin area.

9. Spray the canvas with glossy finishing spray to keep the glitter from falling off the canvas and to give the heart area a little bit of shine.

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