Monday, April 3, 2017

Easter DIY Projects

This past weekend was chalk full of Easter crafts. Mostly because I know that eggs and bunnies have a limited time within our house but also because it is finally spring!! I have been sharing some of these crafts through Instagram but wanted to post some tutorials in case anyone is interested in trying them this weekend.

Sequin Egg

- Sequins
- Pins or nails
*Note: I used thin craft nails found at Michael's
- Foam egg

1. Starting at the top, begin pinning each sequin into place with a pin.
2. Make sure to cover each sequin so that the white foam does not show. Continue pinning the sequence until the egg is covered.

String Egg

- String
- Hot glue gun
- Foam egg

1. Starting at the top, glue down the first piece of string. Begin wrapping the string around the foam, gluing as you go.
2. Continue gluing until the egg is covered. Carefully place a dot of glue at the bottom of the egg and glue the end of the string into place.

Bunny Bouquet

- Two packages of Peeps
- Wooden dowels
*I found a package of 16 dowels for $1.97 at Walmart.
- Vase or jar
*Note: I used vase filler to keep the dowels upright

1. Take a sharp knife and cut each Peep in half.
2. Insert the wooden dowel into the open Peep and then stick the marshmallow closed.
*Note: I did some dowels with two bunnies and some with one on the top.
3. Position your bunny sticks as you prefer.

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