Friday, February 12, 2016

Pink Valentine's Day Drink

This gorgeous drink is perfect for Valentine's Day!! Just a simple recipe of champagne and a rock candy stick that makes a quick and delicious libation. Not to mention, who can resist a glass of bubbly with crystal sugars?!

I found rock candy on Amazon and ordered a box of 12.  It isn't the cheapest candy but it is the prettiest stir stick I have found yet!

You could use a craft soda (Belvoir is my personal favorite!) or something inexpensive (Sprite or Ginger Ale would work great!) instead of champagne if you are avoiding alcohol or serving kiddos who want in on the fun.

You could serve these drinks at any party, holiday gathering, bridal shower, wedding day or even a baby shower. Just pick your preferred color of rock candy and add a little bubbly!

I am so excited to add this drink to the menu this Valentine's Day weekend. I hope your weekend is full of love!! Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. I love this Lisa, I actually used pink rock candy as drink stirrers at my Galentines Party yesterday and they were a big hit!