Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

Happy 4th of July!!!

While you are all probably outside enjoying the beautiful weather and the gorgeous MN lakes, I am inside nerding out over this blog post. I have been waiting to write this one for a number of months. The 4th is such a wonderful holiday. It is a time to be outside, join family and/or friends, eat fresh food, drink some good beer and enjoy blowing things up. 

Favorite firework anyone?? Mine is the gold fireworks that at first look like any other firework but then they begin to fall slowly. They look like a giant gold chandelier, sparkling and falling lower and lower to the ground before gracefully fading. 

While you might not be able to use the two recipes I am about to share with you today, they are great for the summer and there are plenty of other patriotic holidays the rest of the year!

Fruit Flag

My friend Maureen made this beauty. I still think it is adorable and its not too time consuming!!

- Package of blueberries
- Package of strawberries
- Three bananas
- Set of wooden skewers
- Serving plate

1. Cut strawberries and bananas right before serving.
2. Add fruit to skewers and arrange to display the flag.

Bomb Pop Cocktail

- 2 oz Bacardi Razz Rum
- 2 oz Lemonade
- 2 oz Blue Caracao

Have a relaxing, explosive and sparkling 4th of July!!

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